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Crops & Forestry


How to Grow Container Herbs Indoors

Contain your herbs, not your excitement – here is an excellent guide to get you started on your herb-growing journey, all from the inside of your home.


Farm Facts: Cotton

Cotton is big business in Mississippi, ranking third in the United States for production, which are grown on 780 Mississippi farms.


This Fun Book Teaches Kids About Soil

Dirt, an illustrated children’s book published by National Geographic Kids, is the MFBF’s State Women Leadership Committee’s 2020 Book of the Year.

Harvester in action

9 Farm Facts About Mississipi Wheat

Learn about the different types of wheat grown in Mississippi and quantity and production value of that wheat.


Mississippi Sweet Potato Farms Grow with Consumer Demand

As consumers continue to buy and eat more sweet potatoes, Mississippi sweet potato farms expand to meet demand.


How a Poplarville Blueberry Farm Branched Out Into Making Tea

Poplarville-based JD Farms expanded their operations from growing blueberries to include growing tea as well.

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Mississippi Peanut Farmers Are Going Nuts

Peanuts create additional income for Mississippi growers – but growing them isn’t for the faint of heart.


5 Peanut Farm Facts

Find five interesting farm facts about peanuts in Mississippi.


Agriculture Continues to Boost MS Economy

Mississippi agriculture was extremely important to the state in 2017.


A Mississippi Blueberry Pioneer

Luis Monterde has been instrumental to Mississippi’s blueberry industry.