Ag in the Classroom Book of the Year Teaches Youth

Mississippi Farm Bureau Federation's Ag in the Classroom program educates students using the 2019 Book of the Year.

The minds of young children often wander, daydreaming of playing outside or with a certain toy. Sometimes, those children even dream of riding a horse.

In an effort to quench the curiosity of children across Mississippi, the Mississippi Farm Bureau Federation’s Ag in the Classroom (AITC) program sponsors a Book of the Year, and teaches activities corresponding to the book in classrooms throughout the state.

This year, the AITC program selected “I Wonder Why Horses Wear Shoes” by Jackie Groff as the 2019 Book of the Year. This book has proven to be a wonderful resource for teachers and parents in answering children’s questions about horses.

“We are extremely excited to be using ‘I Wonder Why Horses Wear Shoes’ as our book of the year,” MFBF President Mike McCormick says. “We hope the book will peak the curiosity of children everywhere about horses.”

“I commend the Ag in the Classroom program sponsors and staff for working diligently to educate children across Mississippi,” McCormick continues. “If you haven’t already, I encourage every parent and educator to pick this book up today.”

“I Wonder Why Horses Wear Shoes” reins in a herd of questions children like to ask about one of their favorite animals, including: How high can horses jump? What kind of horses do knights ride? and Why do horses need grooming? With a stable full of clever horse facts and figures, this is a terrific way to stimulate curiosity and develop a child’s reading skills.

Copies of “I Wonder Why Horses Wear Shoes” can be ordered by contacting Women’s Leadership Program Specialist Pam Jones at 1-800-227-8244 ext. 4854 or Individuals can also contact their county Farm Bureau office for more information. The cost of the paperback book, plus an educator guide, is $6.00.

MFBF’s AITC program is designed to educate youth, increase understanding of agriculture, and instill an appreciation for Mississippi’s renewable food, fiber and fuel systems.

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