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MFBF Spotlight: Meet Jeff Jones

The Mississippi Farm Bureau Federation recognizes Jeff Jones, who has been contributing to the organization for almost 20 years.

The Mississippi Farm Bureau Federation would not be able to operate without the hard work of its managerial staff, including Jeff Jones.

Jones began working for MFBF almost 20 years ago. For seven of those years, he served the company as the building and grounds manager. Recently, he was promoted to Facilities Manager for Southern Farm Bureau Casualty Insurance.

“My priority is the safety of the people in this building and making sure we have lights and water so that everyone can do their jobs,” Jones says.

According to Jones, his job is important to him because he has the opportunity to help others daily, and it allows him to provide for his family.

“I love this job because of the problem-solving aspect of it all,” he says. “Problem-solving is a really large portion of my job. Somedays you lose power in the building, the air conditioner quits working or a big piece of equipment goes down, and when this happens, someone has to be there to fix it.”

When he’s not working, Jones enjoys relaxing at his lake house with his family.

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