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How is technology helping farmers?

Farmer Steven Richard Goodnight shares his thoughts on how technology has affected his farming operations and chicken houses.

Technology provides farmers with a helping hand that can take luck out of the equation, even when running chicken houses. We can control all of our chicken houses with the touch of a button from our phones, computer, iPad or one screen in the chicken houses. I am not great at figuring out technology, but we have learned. It has made operating six chicken houses simpler and easier. The technology installed in our chicken houses also allows us to have a more flexible schedule than chicken farmers in the past.

Steven Richard Goodnight, along with his wife, Deanna, operates six chicken houses with state-of-the-art technology on his farm in Perry County. Each of the six chicken houses on Goodnight Farm contains 37,000 growing chickens. As an electrician, who wires chicken houses with his father, Steven runs a minimum of six batches of chickens through his farm each year.

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