Why Should Young Farmers Become Involved in MSFB Young Farmers & Ranchers?

We asked a Mississippi farm family about the benefits of the Farm Bureau's Young Farmers & Ranchers program.

David: Being a member of the Young Farmers & Ranchers program broadened our horizons tremendously. The program allows you to travel across Mississippi and the country to meet other farmers, learn new techniques and technology, and educate the public on what we do.

Rebekkah: Becoming active in Young Farmers & Ranchers has forced us to think critically about issues impacting the agriculture industry and our farm. By participating in the events and competitions YF&R offers, we’ve learned to be effective advocates for agriculture and to speak knowledgeably about tough subjects to our state and country decision makers.

David and Rebekkah Arant, and their three children, Carver, Walker and Hunter, farm in the Delta with David’s family. The multi-generational farm grows rice and operates Delta Blues Rice. David and Rebekkah strive to carry on the Arant family-farming legacy by improving farming practices and advocating for agriculture through new ventures.

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