3 Quirky Foods You’ll Only Find in Mississippi

These unique eats are colorful, historical and intriguing.

The south is known for good people, warm weather, and yummy eats. Most places in the south have their own versions of classic items, from barbecue to tacos to fried chicken. But there are some foods that you just won’t find anywhere else. Here are three examples of this, found across good ole Mississippi.

1. Koolickles

Source: @PEIFoodies

Yes, this is exactly what it sounds like. Kool aid + pickles. This creative combination got its start in the Delta of Mississippi. Search Twitter using the hashtag #koolickle and you’ll see a variety of colored pickles, like the ones below!

2. Slugburgers

A slugburger from Borroroum’s Drug Store and Soda Fountain in Corinth, Mississippi.

Don’t worry, these are not made with actual slugs. Instead, these patties are beef combined with soybean grits. Back in the day, they used to go for a whopping five cents a pop. Slugburgers are particularly popular in Corinth, Mississippi and surrounding towns.

3. Pig Ear Sandwich

Using a part of the pig that is usually discarded, the pig ear sandwich is a Mississippi staple. Even the late Anthony Bourdain tried it and loved it! If you’ve never had one, imagine a bacon-y taste, but just a little bit chewier.

What quirky Mississippi foods have we left off the list? Any that you love or would recommend? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Kathy Harris

    Never heard of a pig ear sandwich and I have lived in Mississippi 60 years.

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