Did You Know? Barq's Root Beer is 'Rooted' In Biloxi - Mississippi Farm Country

Did You Know? Barq’s Root Beer is ‘Rooted’ In Biloxi

Learn about the origins of one of America's favorite sodas, Barq's Root Beer, which got its start in Biloxi, Mississippi.

Did you know one of America’s favorite soft drinks was created in Mississippi? Edward Barq had his first taste of flavor fame at the 1893 World’s Fair in Chicago, where he won a gold medal for a drink he created called “Orangine.” Five years later, Barq moved to Biloxi, Mississippi, and opened up his own bottling company, Biloxi Artesian Bottling Works. He set to work on perfecting a new drink flavor: Barq’s Root Beer. The flavor of Barq’s differed from other root beers on the market, as it used sarsaparilla instead of sassafras and incorporated more caffeine and less sugar than other brands, giving it a bit of a “bite.” Over the years, the drink grew in popularity and was ultimately acquired by Coca-Cola in 1995. The famous slogan printed on Barq’s bottles since the early days is still part of its packaging today and rings true for fans who love the all-American taste: “It’s good.”

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