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GIVEAWAY: Crop to Pop

Mississippi farmer Mark Looney Jr. grows delicious, fresh popcorn kernels on his farm under the brand 'Crop to Pop' in Leland, Mississippi.

There’s something incredibly mesmerizing about watching popcorn kernels pop on the stovetop – and nothing quite compares to the taste of freshly popped popcorn. Leland-based farmer John Mark Looney Jr. is making that taste possible for Mississippi residents who want to shop local and purchase Mississippi-grown products. Before growing popcorn, Looney worked with his father on their family property, Six Mile Farms. Together, they grew rice, then corn and soybeans. In 2017, Looney decided to plant a single acre of yellow butterfly popcorn, which produced 70 bushels that first year. Today, he grows, harvests, cleans and packages the kernels, selling them in select retail locations under the name Crop To Pop. To learn more, visit

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