Krazy for Koolickles - Mississippi Farm Country

Krazy for Koolickles

When it comes to creative treat combinations, this is a new one for the books: koolickles, the colorful kool-aid-infused pickles.

A Unique Combination

Photo credit: istock/PicturePartners

What do you get when you combine pickles with Kool-Aid? Koolickles! This creative treat got its start in the Mississippi Delta and can be found in corner stores across the area. Of course, these can be made at home, too. If you want to try your hand at making a batch of koolickles, it’s a simple process. Just drain the brine from a pickle jar, mix in one or two packets of Kool-Aid and white sugar, then pour it back into the jar. Let them soak for at least a week, or until your pickles reach the desired vibrancy.

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