Made in MS: It's a Miracle - Mississippi Farm Country

Made in MS: It’s a Miracle

Mississippi Miracle Clay creates delectable skin care products with fresh, natural ingredients intended to replace popular chemical-filled products.

Based in the heart of the South in small-town Mississippi, you can find Mississippi Miracle Clay, a family-owned and -operated business with over a decade of experience producing amazing natural-care products. These Southern-crafted skincare products are hand-selected and use only the freshest ingredients, like natural herbs and extracts. Mississippi Miracle Clay is committed to helping people become healthier by replacing chemical-filled skincare routines with their amazingly effective natural products. With a wide range of wonderful products to select from, you’ll have beautiful, glowing skin in no time.

About Watermelon Seed Facial Serum:

This naturally hydrating formula rejuvenates the skin quickly and effectively. The moisturizing serum produces palpable results in skin softness and wrinkle reduction.

Plus, as an added bonus, it works wonderfully as a stand-alone daytime moisturizer and makeup primer. 

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