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Mississippi’s Favorite Condiment: Jezebel Sauce

Named after the biblical temptress, Jezebel, the namesake sauce is a regional favorite that's as versatile as it is delicious.
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If you’re from the Gulf Coast, chances are you’ve tasted Jezebel Sauce. Since the 1950s, this sinfully delicious sauce (named after the biblical temptress) has turned into a Southern staple, often saved for special occasions and family gatherings. Mississippi claims to have invented the sauce, although this has yet to be definitively proven.

While there are many recipe variations across the region, the main ingredients stay the same –  pineapple preserves, horseradish, dry mustard and apple jelly, combined to create a medley of flavors that are simultaneously sweet, spicy and tangy. Some cooks add hot sauce, black pepper, ginger or even jalapeño for added spiciness – so try it hotter if you dare!

Jezebel Sauce is incredibly versatile and can be incorporated into any number of dishes. It can serve as a dipping sauce (for fried seafood, chicken nuggets or even egg rolls) or it can be spooned over meat, like an Easter ham or pork chops. It can even be used as a condiment, like on ham sandwiches or as a jam substitute on biscuits. One of the most popular ways it’s served is combined with cream cheese and spread over crackers. Yum!

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