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Go Nuts With These 4 Peanut Recipes

Get the recipes for peanut butter jelly bars, peanut pumpkin hummus, peanut-crusted salmon and a peanut dressing that's great for salads.
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Goobers. Working for peanuts. The Peanut Gallery. There are many phrases and quirky associations with this humble nut. Though widely used, the peanut somehow seems to get a little less respect than other nuts. The noble macadamia, or the prized pecan, the coveted black walnut. But in my book, peanuts are king.

Did you know that the peanut accounts for two-thirds of the snack nuts consumed in the United States? Plus, peanuts are packed with protein and can be incorporated into a wide variety of snacks, like trail mix or peanut butter and crackers.

I’ve loved peanuts my whole life. I buy them two cans at a time. I chop them into dozens of baked goods, savory dishes and sweet treats. I spread peanut butter on everything from waffles to bananas. Sometimes I go a little less traditional and combine bananas and peanut butter and add bacon. (Thank you, Mississippi-native Elvis Presley, for that genius culinary contribution!) Mississippi has good reason to laud the peanut, with more than 128 peanut farms across the state. Mississippi farmers harvest over 96 million pounds and peanut production accounts for an annual revenue of around $19 million.

With all of this available information regarding peanut popularity and production, it seems like the perfect opportunity to experiment with some new peanut recipes. Fall is upon us. Peanuts never go out of season, but they pair exceptionally well with fall foods.

1. Peanut Pumpkin Hummus with Homemade Peanut Crackers

Photo credit: Nathan Lambrecht

Take the Peanut Pumpkin Hummus with Homemade Peanut Crackers, for example. Peanut and pumpkin are complementary flavors, as you’ll discover in this easy-to-make recipe. I’ve also always wanted to make homemade crackers. Lucky for me, my first attempt was a simple and delicious success. Get the recipe here.

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