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Mississippi Farm Bureau Federation announces its membership in MDAC's branding program.
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The Mississippi Farm Bureau Federation strives to create an ideal environment for Mississippi farmers, ranchers, and Farm Bureau members. One way to cultivate such an environment is to support the marketing of Mississippi products. 

In an effort to do this, MFBF joined the Mississippi Department of Agriculture’s Genuine MS program as an associate member. 

Genuine MS was developed by the Mississippi Department of Agriculture and Commerce (MDAC) to identify and promote products created or produced by Mississippi farmers, artisans, entrepreneurs, and manufacturers. The purpose of the Genuine MS program is to increase public awareness of Mississippi’s farm, food, and crafted and fabricated products by branding them as Genuine MS. 

“We are excited to be a member of Genuine MS and help support the farmers and ranchers of Mississippi,” MFBF President Mike McCormick says. “We are looking forward to being an active member of the program that showcases our organization and members as genuinely Mississippi.” 

Genuine MS offers an associate membership status for those who support agriculture. The associate member classification consists of retailers who sell Genuine MS products, restaurants who serve dishes that incorporate Mississippi agricultural products, farmers markets with local farmers, agritourism operations that offer a genuine experience, and organizations that support Mississippi agriculture. 

The other four classifications of membership determined by the members’ products in the Genuine MS program are grown, raised, crafted and made. 

The Genuine MS Grown classification consists of farmers who grow everything from produce and row crops to timber in Mississippi. 

The Genuine MS Raised classification consists of farmers, ranchers and aquaculturists with animals and aquaculture products raised in Mississippi or those selling products from Mississippi animals and aquaculture products. 

The Genuine MS Crafted classification consists of crafters whose products are hand-created in Mississippi from agricultural products, which includes specialty foods and beverages, and pet and artisan products. 

The Genuine MS Made classification includes manufacturers whose products are 51 percent or more manufactured in Mississippi to benefit agriculture. 

“MDAC created Genuine MS in an effort to tell the stories of hardworking, creative Mississippians and their products,” Mississippi Commissioner of Agriculture and Commerce Andy Gipson says. 

As a Genuine MS member company, MFBF has the ability to brand itself as Genuine MS, so people across the world know the organization supports Mississippi agriculture. 

“We hope our membership in Genuine MS opens doors for our members, and allows us to support Mississippi agriculture through another avenue,” McCormick says. 

Members have a profile on that contains information about their products, photos, contact information, links to their direct websites and a listing of places to purchase. 

To view MFBF’s Genuine MS profile, visit If you are interested in joining Genuine MS, visit or contact MDAC’s Market Development Division at (601) 359-1159 or

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