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Create an Egg-Cellent Centerpiece for Easter

A beautiful floral centerpiece is a must-have for every table this Easter season – why not combine flowers and eggs in this creative DIY project?
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This is a special time of year and creating a fresh floral arrangement for your table is a delightful way of ushering in the spring season.

The floral design featured in this article can be displayed in numerous places and does not take up much table space. Consider its use on a kitchen table, a side table or use it for a church banquet or a farm-to-table event.

You will need:

  • One carton of artificial eggs (can be purchased from a craft store) or chicken eggs
  • Acrylic paint and paintbrushes
  • Flowers of your choice


  1. Place a piece of tape over both ends of the egg. Using a long pin or needle, poke a hole into the narrower side of the egg. Twist the pin to make the hole wider and use it to mix up the egg contents. Repeat this process by making a larger hole on the wider end of the egg.
  2. Covering both holes with your fingertips, shake the egg to further mix the contents. With the larger side down, blow into the top hole to push out the egg’s contents into a mixing bowl. Rinse and allow the shells to air dry.
  3. Once they are dry, add a dab of hot glue to seal the wider end, keeping the egg watertight.
  4. Decorate the eggs by painting them if you’d like to add more color. They can be solid colors, polka-dotted, striped – whatever you like.
  5. Finally, insert the flowers of your choice into the top opening and place in an egg crate.

Tips and Tricks:

We made a hole in each artificial egg with a small knife, but you can also use scissor points. If the egg is made of soft plastic, the heated nozzle of a glue gun will bore a hole in the top of the egg. For stability, each egg was glued into the carton.Floral selections for this design can vary widely. Using the same flower for each egg will create a highly uniform design, while mixing materials is a more casual approach. Consider using springtime garden flowers such as pansies, miniature daffodils, miniature snapdragons or spray roses.

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