Listen to the "Our Farm. Your Life." Podcast - Mississippi Farm Country

Listen to the “Our Farm. Your Life.” Podcast

Farm Famlies of Mississippi launches a new podcast, dedicated to telling the stories of Mississippi farmers and ranchers.

Every day the world relies on agriculture. From the food we eat to the cars we drive, the clothes we wear and everything in between, the presence of agricultural products serves an important role in our lives. Farm Families of Mississippi thinks it is important to highlight how farmers and ranchers impact Mississippi.

One new way the nonprofit has begun to fulfill this goal is by launching the “Our Farm. Your Life.” podcast. The podcast, launched in March 2020, strives to recognize Mississippi’s farmers and ranchers while also educating the public.

“We are excited to use the ‘Our Farm. Your Life.’ podcast as an avenue to tell the stories of Mississippi’s farmers and ranchers,” Farm Families of Mississippi Coordinator Jon Kalahar says. “We believe this provides a unique way to reach another group of people who need to know why agriculture is important to them.”

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In the first episode of the podcast, American Farm Bureau Federation Trade Economist Veronica Nigh joins the Farm Families of Mississippi team to discuss how trade markets affect the agricultural industry and Mississippi’s farmers and ranchers. Nigh breaks down how trade economists formulate their predications and shares a fun fact or two about herself.

The second episode of “Our Farm. Your Life.” features Corbitt Wall, the face and voice of Feeder Flash, a daily cattle market report Wall publishes on YouTube. During the episode, the Farm Families of Mississippi team and Wall discuss the cattle market, trade and why he really wears Justin boots.

In the third episode of the podcast, the Farm Families of Mississippi team dives deep into why the Mississippi Legislature needs more rural leaders with Mississippi Senator Tyler McCaughn. McCaughn, a farmer, attorney and businessman from east Mississippi, is currently serving in his first term in the Mississippi Legislature. 

“My team and I have a list of exciting conversations and interviews lined up to share with our listeners,” Kalahar says. “We are looking forward to educating more people through this podcast as a part of our overall Farm Families of Mississippi campaign.”

Farm Families of Mississippi was launched in 2010 by the Mississippi Farm Bureau Federation and other Mississippi agriculture industry stakeholders to promote the importance of agriculture to the public. The campaign uses multiple forms of advertising each year to educate those who are not actively engaged in farming.

To learn more about the people who make up the No. 1 industry in Mississippi, listen to “Our Farm. Your Life.” on Apple, Spotify or online at A new episode of “Our Farm. Your Life.” will be launched every month.

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