Meet Dedra Luke - Mississippi Farm Country

Meet Dedra Luke

Meet Dedra Luke, MFBF's Events, Travel and Training Coordinator.
Dedra Luke

We want to recognize the hardworking staff of the MFBF. Meet Mississippi Farm Bureau Federation’s Events, Travel & Training Coordinator, Dedra Luke. 

Dedra began working for the Federation 22 years ago as a travel agent for Farm Bureau Travel. On a typical day, Dedra travels across Mississippi, training county Farm Bureau employees. Dedra has a role in planning all events or meetings conducted by the Federation, including the Federation’s Annual Convention in December. In addition, Dedra manages all travel for Federation employees and Farm Bureau members throughout the state.

“My schedule is different every day,” Dedra says. “Some days I am traveling to different county offices, while some days I am in the office, making calls to vendors for events.”

Dedra says she likes the changing nature of her job because it never gets boring. 

“I love my job,” she says. “I love all of the people I’ve met and worked with over the years. There are not very many jobs where you can say you truly have fun while you work, but at Farm Bureau you can.”

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