Staff spotlight: Dedra Luke

Meet Dedra Luke

Meet Dedra Luke, MFBF’s Events, Travel and Training Coordinator.


Becoming Genuine MS

Mississippi Farm Bureau Federation announces its membership in MDAC’s branding program.

Group of Cows With Cattle Egrets On Back and Ground

Farmers and Non-Farmers are Stronger Together

What we can learn from the cowbird.

Young farmers, calves, dairy, high tech , sand bedding in dairy

5 Big Myths About Big Ag

Learn the truth behind misconceptions around “big agriculture.”


Defense Wins Championships

MFBF helps defend the state’s industry in several ways.


Tips for Shopping Your Local Farmers Market

Take these tips with you when you visit one of Mississippi’s many farmers markets.


Step Back in Time at A.F. Carraway Store

The A.F. Carraway Store is one of the few old country stores still in operation in the state.


2018 MSFB Farm Ambassador Tells Agriculture’s Story

Rachel Peeler was named the 2018 Farm Bureau Ambassador for MFBF.


Port Gibson’s Golden Hand Points Heavenward

The hand on top of First Presbyterian Church of Port Gibson has been restored.

2018 Teacher of the Year

Heather Giger Wins 2018 Teacher of the Year

Heather Giger won the Mississippi Farm Bureau Federation Teacher of the Year award.