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Why You Should Visit This 134-Year-Old General Store

The Simmons-Wright General store has a rich history, and continues to offer goods for sale, as well as serving breakfast and lunch.
Photo credit: Pamela Petrus

Located off Highway 11 in Kewanee, the Simmons-Wright General Store hasn’t changed much in its 134 years in business. The store was built in 1884 to serve both travelers along the Old Dixie Highway and local cotton farmers in the area, allowing the farmers to pay for their purchases with the cotton grown in their fields. Although the original wooden building burned down in 1926, the store’s brick replacement still stands with little changing since its construction.

Today, customers continue to stop in to buy hardware, farm supplies, groceries, antiques and collectibles. The historic general store even operates as a restaurant for breakfast and lunch Monday through Saturday. To learn more about the store, visit thesimmons-wrightcompany.com or call (601) 632-1884.

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